Latino History of the Central Valley

A literary, historic, and artistic perspective of the Latino experience in the Valley.

Over the course of three years in 2016-2018, Arte Américas collected interviews, photographs, and materials to document the history of the Latino presence in the valley, resulting in our exhibit CAMINOS throughout 2019.

Our guide for CAMINOS was Dr. Alex Saragoza, Madera native and UC Berkeley historian. The trip wandered through all our galleries, divided into periods from 1772 to the present, as the Central Valley changed from Native to Spanish to Mexican to United States control. It is a story of resilience, and at times resistance.

Now the CAMINOS Project is on the road to Visalia and Merced in 2022 and 2023, destined for the Tulare County Ag Museum and the Merced Multicultural Art Center. With the support of an additional grant from the California Arts Council, we are collecting more stories throughout our Central Valley counties. It will become a “tumbleweed” exhibit, adding stories and photographs as we travel it.

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