Boom Oaxaca

Boom Oaxaca is an invitation to participate in conversations around Visibility, Transnationalism and Self Representation. An overdue exploration guided by the work of Narsiso Martinez and Tlacolulokos, who use self representation as an act of political rebellion, and as an autonomous approach to an ownership of culture. Grounded in the context of both Oaxaca and California, these artists create images of the often invisible liminal and marginal spaces, demanding attention and humanizing the experiences of their community. These images highlight how indigenous communities are not living in the traditional past but growing and adapting fluidly through their own culture.

Our Vision

The exhibition was intentionally created to address issues of indigenous erasure, outside and within Latinidad. This exhibition will delve into the complexities within the Oaxaqueño community and explore what it means to be indigenous. Through this exhibition we have a unique role and responsibility within our community to delve deeper into a collective understanding of indigeneity, nationalism, and racism. Our hope is to create a comfortable space to have uncomfortable conversations.

Exhibition Info

March 4th-August 14th
Arthop Opening March 3rd, 2022
@ Arte Américas
In Downtown Fresno

Featuring artists Tlacolulokos & Narsiso Martinez

Check back with us for an updated calendar of events associated with the exhibition, including:

  • Free family friendly artmaking workshops
  • A film festival
  • Outdoor Marketplace with live music and vendors
  • A food series, in conversation with local farmers, farmworkers, and restaurant owners


More About the Artists

Tlacolulokos artist collective is made up of Dario Canul (b. 1986) and Cosijoesa Cernas (b. 1992), both natives of and currently living in Tlacolula, Oaxaca, Mexico. Their works take place on the street and within traditional art spaces, combining different styles from street art to graffiti and screen printing. Through their work, Tlacolulokos offers a reflection of local reality, and the problems and challenges of their place of origin.

Narsiso Martinez (b. 1977), born in Oaxaca and living in Long Beach, paints personal and political landscapes with portraits of farmworkers on reclaimed produce boxes in an attempt to make public the social lifestyles of farmworkers and the economic systems that keep their stories hidden and their lives in danger.

Educator Resources

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for you and your students to view the exhibition with docent lead tours and artmaking workshops.
Download Educator Outreach Flyer »

If you are a local educator and need more information please contact:
Veronica Chavez
Education Programming Development


McClatchy Fresno Art Endowment of The James B. McClatchy Foundation

JB Mclatchy Foundation


Fresno Arts Council

Centro Binacional Para del Desarollo Indígena Oaxaqueño (CBDIO)

Curatorial Team

Tony Carranza // Creative Direction & Gallery Management
Lilia Chavez // Project Oversight & Administration
Veronica Chavez // Education Programming Development
Carissa Garcia // Research & Project Development
Yenedit Mendez Avendaño // Research Specialist
Jesus Pelayo // Lead Docent & Educational Programming Assistant