Capital Campaign


Construyendo el Futuro
August-September 2021

The mission of Arte Américas is to make the Central Valley of California a flourishing place for Latino Arts. Established over thirty years ago by artists, educators, and their friends who recognized the richness of Mexican and Mexican American culture, the center created a space in the Central valley where people come together to celebrate, support and to share Mexican, Latin American, the Southwest, and California arts with the broader community. Arte Américas maintains a center where Latino arts can be exhibited, performed, danced, recited, taught, and preserved for the future, encourages the development of new works, the examination of issues affecting our valley, and the initiation of projects which serve our community, and collaborates with other organizations to bring to our communities a new awareness of the wealth of Latino arts.

Built in the late 1800’s, the Arte Américas facility has gone through many transformations over the years bringing us to today with a building that needs modernization and renovations. The $50,000 Building the Foundation Campaign supports these immediate needs. Join 100% of the board in making a donation and/or a pledge in August and September of 2021 to support this campaign.